We offer hydrotherapy at the Princess Royal Hospital every Thursday evening commencing at 5pm. The cost of each 25 minute session is £2.00,payable 4 weeks in advance on the first Thursday of each month. Only, if due notice is given that you will be unable to attend,such as a Holiday or admission to hospital will this payment be carried forward and your place temporarily filled by someone on the waiting list in your abscence. If you are absent for four weeks without notifying the pool coordinater we will assume that you no longer require your slot and you will be put back onto the waiting list. The revenue raised goes towards the hire of the pool and payment for training of the volunteers. A Physiotherapist attends for two hours twice a month. In general eight persons can be admitted into the pool on each session. However,this does depend on individuals mobility and excercise requirements. Most people find it enjoyable excerising in a group, it gives them confidence and the oppurtunity to meet new people

The pool is supervised by trained volunteers, who give up their free time in order that anyone who can benefit from hydrotherapy can do so. Volunteers remain in the pool area when group members are present, to supervise or assist where required. They ensure that mopping of surplus water around the pool, steps, showers and cubicles is carried out constantly. The safety of group members getting in and out of the pool is a priority, and volunteers are trained to be aware of any risk factor to individuals based on a risk assessment.

Hydrotherapy is especially helpful for people with disabilities, arthritis or mobility problems. They can exercise while being supported by the buoyancy of the warm water (33-37 degrees centigrade). It is also helpful following joint replacement surgery. The warm water, which is close to body temperature, reduces pain associated with movement and can relax muscle spasm. This in turn can lead to increased movement in joints, and being worked progressively against graded resistance, can strengthen muscles. Direct relief of pain brought by the warmth of the water on the sensory nerve endings in joints is usually temporary. However, the benefit from hydrotherapy increases cardiovascular fitness, promotes relaxation, helps relieve pain, assists movement and enables exercise.

IMPORTANT: Use of the hydrotherapy pool can have the effect of lowering blood pressure and bring about dizziness and fainting, particularly if you already have low blood pressure. If you have any doubts you should consult your medical practitioner.


To get into the pool, there are a few steps to go down; a handrail is at either side to use. For people who cannot manage the steps there is a hoist (body weight limit 20 stone) to lower you into the pool. The pool varies in depth, the lowest being as you enter, to chest height at the far end; there is a chair if you need it inside the pool. A rail is also around the edge of the pool, which can be used, for extra support.

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